FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find questions which are frequently asked by our visitors. Click the question to see the answer. If you have a question which is not listed below, please use our contactform to send your question to OnlineCranes. We'll answer your question as soon as possible.

What is OnlineCranes?
Who’s behind OnlineCranes?
Is OnlineCranes a crane trader?
Is OnlineCranes tied to a specific crane supplier?
Is OnlineCranes involved when there is interaction or when a transaction takes place?
How do I contact OnlineCranes?
Searching cranes
Where do I start?
Do I need to register in order to search for a crane or contact an owner?
I found the crane I need, how do I contact the owner?
I contacted an owner, but I get no reply. What went wrong?
Posting a crane for sale and/or for hire
Do I need to register in order to post a crane?
How do I post a new crane?
How do I change crane specifications after adding a crane?
How do I upload photos for a new crane?
How do I add or change photos of an existing crane?
Why do uploaded photos appear slightly different from the original?
Can someone copy photos and data from my advertisement?
Registering at OnlineCranes
How do I register?
Do I have to register?
How do I change my data after registration?
I did not receive the confirmation e-mail, what went wrong?

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